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Praia da Marinha, Portugal

First beach I visited in Europe. Praia da Marinha is a small cove beach. It is one of the most emblematic and beautiful beaches of Portugal, located on the Atlantic coast in Caramujeira, Lagoa Municipality, Algarve, and considered by the Michelin Guide as one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Europe. 

I still search for James Dean in every man...

James Dean on the farm and basement 
Images by Dennis Stock
Fairmount, Indiana 1955

Bill Cunningham Quotes

"If you don’t take money, they can’t tell you what to do, kid. That’s the key to the whole thing."
Bill Cunningham 

California Youth by Hedi Slimane

“Tell me once more about the eternal surf.” 
― Rob Bignell

Images: Hedi Slimane

Keith Richards Quotes

''I mean some doctor told me I had six months to live and I went to their funeral.''
Keith Richards

Paul McCartney on Linda McCartney

My task was to walk from one end of the fence to the other and back, which I did until it got a bit rickety and it became a bit of a health hazard. What I think is fabulous about this picture is that it is one of those moments in time that someone like Cartier-Bresson specialised in. There are famous pictures that Cartier-Bresson took that showed someone jumping over a puddle in the road – it’s that “you’re there!” look. Then you have this lovely figure of Stella just crouching down in the foreground. And then you’ve got the dog perfectly pointing, a little labrador called Poppy, and then you’ve got me balancing. It’s quite amazing.
Linda was a very natural woman. She loved the fresh air and the freedom and the privacy of the countryside. During the break-up of the Beatles we spent quite a long time in Scotland  three to four months. Normally it would just be a two-week holiday. We loved it up there. It was the end of nowhere.

image: Linda Mccartney


'THE NEW ÉMINENCES GRISES' is stefano pilati's concept for spring summer 2014. ermenegildo zegna couture advertising campaign, shot by inez and vinoodh and featuring actor jamie dornan. 

Website: Zegna
Images: Inez and Vinoodh
Models: Jamie Dornan
              Paolo Anchisi

Noah Mills

Name: Noah Mills

Age: 30 years old

Hometown: Baltimore

How do you say hello where you are from? What up? You good?
What is your Starbucks order? Americano with milk.
What are you wearing right now? Carhartt sweats, Nike Jordan Jumpman hoodie, Nike Air Max, black T-shirt, Dolce underwear, and a Rolex.
What are the three items you always keep in your pockets? Burt’s Bees, a hotel pen, toothpicks, and mints. 
How were you discovered? My sister Quimby told me I looked like the guys in the magazines, so I walked into an agency in Vancouver, and I guess was like, “Can I model?” 
Most memorable modeling moment: Working with Gisele Bündchen and Kate Moss at Golden Eye in Jamaica for Ferragamo.
Most embarrassing modeling moment: Probably this Versace Speedo look I had at the Life Ball in Vienna years ago! Pre–social media, luckily. 
Favorite model of all time: Daria Werbowy.
How do you stay in model shape? Any tricks of the trade? I just stay active, surf, play basketball, do yoga. I stopped lifting weights a while ago and it’s easier to stay lean.
If you weren’t modeling, what would be your dream job? Producing a discovery show like Planet Earth.
Describe your style in five words: Clean, comfortable, confident, relaxed, simple. 
Favorite designer: Dolce & Gabbana for the high-end dressed-up stuff, but I also wear a lot of basic stuff from Nike, Champion, and Carhartt. 
If you could trade closets with someone else, whose would you choose? Joaquin Phoenix—hoping he’s got the outfits from his characters.
What new addition to your wardrobe are you currently craving this season? The Elder Statesmen cashmere sweaters. 
What item in your closet do you most cherish? Why? My vintage Levi’s denim jacket—I just always go back to it. A Dolce cashmere jacket I’ve had for years, it’s timeless and super warm! Common Projects has the easiest cleanest sneaker out there. Also, my RRL black jeans.
Grooming item you cannot live without: These little Italian scissors I use for cleaning up the beard—you gotta be really careful though! Also Kiehl’s vitamin C concentrate and Oribe’s rough luxury hair wax.
What is the next thing you are going to purchase? Patagonia camping gear. I’m doing a desert excursion upon returning to L.A.
Who is the last person to cut your hair? I think Oribe Canales on the Dolce set.  
What is your Twitter handle? Instagram? Twitter: @noah_live and Instagram:@nmills83 
What is the first website you go to in the morning? and
What songs are on repeat on your iPod right now? Van Morrison’s album Astral Weeks, and the Her sound track.
What’s on your Kindle / Nook / iBook shelf right now? Waves, The Wolf of Wall Street, Amongst the Thugs, Patrick O’Brian’Master and Commander series. 
Name the television character with whom you most identify: I know it’s over, which still saddens me, but Ted Danson’s character George from Bored to Death. 
One place you always visit while in New York: I always get a juice from Liquiteria and check this little Japanese vintage store around the corner on Eleventh.
Favorite destination you have traveled to so far: Costa Rica.
Where would you like to go on your next vacation? Mozambique.
What quality do you most appreciate in a friend? Caring.
Name one natural talent you wish you had: Surrealistic drawing.  
Subject you could wax poetic about, something that fascinates you: Sustainable modern architecture. 
What are your words to live by? Just keep showing up for Life.

Adam Katz Sinding

Name: Adam Katz Sinding
        Hometown: Born in San Francisco, raised in Tacoma, 10 years in Seattle, in NYC since 31 Dec 2010
Occupation: Photographer
Fav. city: Copenhagen
Fav. scent: Santal 33
Fav. book: Breakfast of Champions
Fav. designer: Boris Bidjan Saberi and Hedi Slimane
Fav. color: Black
Fav. drink: Coffee
Fav. dish: Anything with Hummous or Avocado
Fav. actor/actress: Julianne Moore
What is your motto: So It Goes
The last movie you have seen: 12 Years a Slave
Who are your heroes: Mario Cippolini
When and where you the happiest: Anywhere with my camera.
What is your present state of mind: Interviewing...
How would you like to die: never?
The Quality you most admire in a woman: confidence
The Quality you most admire in a man: confidence
Your most marked characteristic: confidence
What is your idea of perfect happiness: Copenhagen
What natural gift would you most like to possess: photography, I suppose.
What do you consider your greatest achievement: photography, I suppose.
What's the nicest thing someone's ever done for you: I have too many amazing friends. Everything they do. But I guess their caring is as grand as anything else.
If you could rid the world of one thing what would it be: religion.
If your house was on fire and could only grab 3 things, what would they be: My two hard drives and my leather jacket.
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be: I am too shy, but I appear too arrogant. 
What do you have coming up: the future.
DemandetDestroy: the future.

      Image: Totokaelo 

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