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DEMANDetDESTROY Q&A feat: David Stella

Name: David Stella
Hometown: Amsterdam, NewYork
Occupation: Makeup Artist
Fav. city: New york city
Fav. scent: Opium pour Homme YSL l'eau de parfum
Fav. book: The Perfume- Patrick Suskind
Fav. designer: There are too many designers that I like, Rick Owens, Ann Demeulemeester 
Tim van Steenbergen,  Dsquared, Vivienne Westwood, Thierry Mugler, McQueen, Versace, Tom Ford
Fav. color: Blue
Fav. drink: Vodka on the rocks
Fav. dish: Roti chicken
Fav. actor/actress: Meryl Streep,Angelina Jolie,Gabourey Sidibe
Fav. restaurant: Cheryl's Global Soul in Brooklyn, NY
What is your motto: Enjoy everything what you do and be the best that you can be 
The last movie you have seen: The Hunger Games
Who are your heroes: All the women in my family (mom and sisters)
When and where you the happiest: Every minute I'm together with my partner who lives in NY
What is your present state of mind: Never loose sight of your goal, work hard and it will achieve it  
How would you like to die: in my bed 
The Quality you most admire in a man: determination
The Quality you most admire in a woman: caring
Your most marked characteristic: the fact that I'm a caring and happy person reflects in the makeup
 that I'm doing. Always pretty and beautiful!
What is your idea of perfect happiness: spending time with all my loved ones
What natural gift would you most like to possess: tranquille
What do you consider your greatest achievement: I'm in the middle of achieving one of my greatest things 
that could happen to me and that would be building a career in New York City.
What's the nicest thing someone's ever done for you: People are always nice to me. 
I appreciate every single thing they've done and still doing for me. The fact that people are being there for me
 is the biggest reward that one could get. 
If you had to cook dinner for someone tonight, what would you make: That would be my infamous Lasagna
If you could rid the world of one thing what would it be: Cancer and HIV
If you won a million dollars what would you do with it: I would help out my family and take my loved one
 on a trip to seek a nice property where we could grow old together.
If your house was on fire and could only grab 3 things, what would they be: Besides my hubby, 
I would take my portofolio and my makeup brushes
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be: I'm very happy with the way that I am.
 If I would change something I would be a complete other person.
DemandetDestroy: Is a blog that provokes and gives you a look into the world thru others eyes with beautiful photos. 
It makes you wonder and always leave questions about the topic. 


  1. You are a genuine, loving and generous soul. You exemplify what is meant when people describe undiscovered are a gift of a friend and those of us who know you are blessed to have you in their lives. I consider myself to have you as a dear friend. <3


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