Beliefs have the Power to Create and the Power to Destroy


''I only did Milan Fashion week once, and it was f*cking horrible. What guy would enjoy that? Hanging out with a bunch of f*cking douche models each of them saying, 'Ah I saw you in that campaign, really good stuff,  ' and you're like, F*ck off, I don't want to talk about what that job is like.' But that's just me.'' 

''I'm really into the classics, In my head, I try to be a little bit french. For me, it's simple: a nice pair of jeans that fit you, a decent button-down shirt, a navy sweater and a decent pair of shoes, and you're off. Put it this way- I would never fit into east London. I don't think it takes a lot for a guy to look good. A good suit, a few well-fitting T-shirts and a couple of good shirts. I don't know how some guys can get it so F*cking wrong.''

Photographed in color by: Ram Shergill
Styling: Jamie Dornan
shortlist S/S 2012

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